raining and Certification program on GST (Goods and Services Tax) in association with BFSI SSC (Sector Skill Council)


22nd July 2022 to 5th August 2022

India aims to integrate State economies and boost overall growth by creating a single, unified Indian market to strengthen the economy. Apart from eliminating the tax on tax, it has digitalized businesses of all sizes. This can only be supplemented by GST professionals who have a sound understanding of newer taxation standards. Keeping this in mind, the institute organized a 15 days Training cum Certification Program. Online training and certification program on goods and service tax (GST) in association with BFSI SSC, Sector skill council. To make it more practical and have hands-on experience and a theoretical foundation, we have invited Practicing Chartered Accountants to understand the subject better.

The idea behind the Certification is to deliver knowledge about GST and its practical aspects and implications in industry.
After completing this Certification, participants will be able to:

At Prestige, we always believe in doing something new for its stakeholders' benefit.

The idea got conceptualized in a structured 15 days online Certification. The content for the same was finalized by our program director CS Dr Pratima Jain Ma'am, under the guidance and support of our senior director Dr Debasis Malik sir.

The workshop started on 22nd July 2022 and to 5th August 2022. As a result, 20 students could complete all the certification criteria, that was, 80% attendance, assignment completion, and final MCQ-based assessment. Sixteen students were from PIMR, and 4 were external participants. Daily feedback was collected from the students.

The topics covered in the Certification in 15 days were: Introduction to GST, Supply, GST Returns, ITC (Input tax credit), composition schemes, IGST, SGST, Penalties provision etc.

The sessions were conducted by CS Dr Pratima Jain ma'am, who has more than 22 years of academic and industry experience as a Company Secretary. Two sessions were conducted by CA Amod Pahadiya sir, a practising CA for more than 18 years. Ms Aditi Gaykwad coordinated the sessions.

The valedictory session was held on 05th August 2022, In which the complete 15-day report reading was done by the program coordinator, followed by the welcome address given by Senior Director Dr Debasis Mallik, in which he congratulated all the participants and encouraged them to develop a zeal for new learnings and work in this changing world followed by Vote of thanks delivered by the program director CS Dr Pratima Jain

The classroom in progress
Dr Debasis Mallik addressing the participants