The marketing club organized the student training program along with the IB club to enhance their skills. As a result, the students are ready to fly with their new wings and take a further step towards their career, i.e. for the interview. This activity of SPARK helps them to fly with full enthusiasm and confidence.

The participants (students) were very passionate about accepting the feedback positively and grooming themselves to touch the great heights of the sky. The session helped the participants (students) to enhance their communication skills and boost their confidence levels. The panel help them to prioritize and set up their goals for the first step towards the heights, i.e. to crack the interviews. Also, appropriate feedback was given by the panel after interaction with one-to-one participants (students), which will help them in their professional and personal life. After the interaction with the forum, participants were delighted as it will further lead them to tutor on things. The session proved to be a successful event with the corporation by the participants and panel. The event was coordinated by Dr. Abhishek Pratap Singh Sachan and Dr. Nitu Singh Sisodia