Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore


On 27th May 2023, the PIMR-UG (Prestige Institution for Management, Research, and Value-based University Graduates) organized a Mega Internship Mela, creating a platform for students to explore numerous internship opportunities. This event aimed to bridge the gap between students and the industry by providing a platform where students from various disciplines can interact with potential employers. The event was coordinated by Dr. Nitin Girdharwal and Mr. Saurabh Mehta – Placement Officer.

The Mega Internship Mela was held in the sprawling campus of PIMR-UG and attracted participation from several esteemed organizations across different sectors. The event started in the morning, with an inaugural ceremony where the director of PIMR-UG, along with several industry leaders, emphasized the importance of internships in shaping the careers of students.

The Mela featured informational booths from participating companies, allowing students to gather information about various internship programs available. Students had the opportunity to approach company representatives, ask questions, and gain insights into the internships they offered. The participating organizations also shared details about the duration, stipend, and the skills required for the internships, enabling the students to make informed decisions. Additionally, the Mega Internship Mela included workshops and panel discussions on topics like resume building, interview skills, and career planning. These sessions were conducted by industry experts who provided valuable guidance to the attendees, giving them the necessary tools to secure internships that aligned with their interests and career goals.

The event also featured a networking session, where students could interact with professionals from various industries and build connections that could potentially lead to internship opportunities. This session facilitated meaningful conversations, enabling the students to gain an understanding of the industry trends and expectations.
Overall, the PIMR-UG Mega Internship Mela was a resounding success, giving students a chance to explore a plethora of internship opportunities and gain valuable insights into different industries. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their capabilities and connect with potential employers. The knowledge gained from the workshops and panel discussions further equipped the students with the necessary skills to navigate their professional journeys successfully.

Following are the names of companies that participated in Mega Job Fair 2023:-

  • Tealogy Pvt Ltd
  • Truefirms, IT Staff Augmentation Firm
  • Xtrimgloba; Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Collagetips Ed. Tech Media Pvt Ltd
  • Enviro Neutrality Services Pvt Ltd
  • Newzera Tech Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Geecom India Services Pvt Ltd
  • Ignitus Softech Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Listapp Pharmatech Pvt Ltd
  • Tutors Cabin Ed Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Workbox Co-Working Company Llc.
  • Indira Securities Pvt Ltd
  • Airpaypayment Services Pvt Ltd
  • Talent Max Recruitment Firm
  • Skill Genic Recruitment Firm