Padma Shri Dr. N.N. Jain National Debate Competition (ONLINE)

Topic-: Is Free Medical Testing of COVID-19 In India Justified?

Date of Event-: 16th May, 2020

Chief Guests of the event -

WEBINAR ON: “Demystifying the Legal Aspects of Cross Border Dispute”

Date : 27th June, 2020

RESOURCE PERSON: Prof. Raghav Pandey (Assistant Professor at Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai)

BREIF: The Webinar was all about Border Disputes where Mr. Raghav Pandey delineated the Legal Point of Views on Cross Border Disputes and discussed some of the case laws regarding it. With explaining the significance of States and Border, and the Current Disputes which are yet to be decided by International Court of Justice.

WEBINAR ON: “Cataclysmic Effect of Pandemic over child rights in India & Gender Sensitisation.”

DATE: 28th June, 2020

RESOURCE PERSON: Ms. Sneha Sharma (Ph.D Scholar, Coordinator, Child Rights Centre, Chanakya National Law University, Patna)

BREIF: The Webinar inculcated knowledge about how this Pandemic has affected the vulnerable children of the society, the harsh realities such as increased risk of violence where children are subjected to maltreatment, gender biasness, ill-treatment against their family members etc., which has has affected the mental as well as physical health of the children. It gave the purview measurement of the Cataclysmic Effects of Pandemic on children on Various Parameters.

WEBINAR ON :“Alarming Rise in Gender Based Violence during COVID-19 Lockdown with Special Coverage of Major Legal & Judicial Developments.”

DATE: 29th June, 2020

RESOURCE PERSON: Dr. Sonali Kusum (Asst. Prof. Law, TISS Mumbai)

BREIF: The emerging judicial cases on gender biasness and the reasons for rise in domestic violence during Covid-19 Lockdown. The procedure to be taken against domestic violence, online availability of the resources to file a report of domestic violence, various enforcement agencies and their role in this issue and the legal remedies one can get through Court. The Resource Person has elaborated about the current and major judicial developments for gender-biasness and to measures to curb such activities through actions.

WEBINAR ON: “Importance of Mediation in Family Matters”

DATE 30th June, 2020

RESOURCE PERSON: Advocate Smeeksha Pandey

BREIF: The Webinar enlightened the advantages of mediation in resolving family disputes such as flexibility, communication, cost, speed, etc. it has provided the scope of Alternative Dispute Mechanisms and India and Critical Analysis of their application in empowering speedy justice.

WEBINAR ON: “Novel Corporate and Commercial Disputes Due to Corona Pandemic- A Case Based Approach”

DATE: 1st July, 2020


BREIF: Webinar was emphasised on the impact of Covid-19 in Corporate World. It has provided a glance on the emerging corporate issues and disputed due to pandemic as it appears to have had a greater impact on the conduct of litigation proceedings than on arbitration proceedings in the jurisdictions reviewed. It has given elaborative information about Electronic witnessing and e-signing of documents, and Virtual Arbitration Proceedings.

WEBINAR ON: “Importance of Internships for Law Students – Your Future in Your Hands”

DATE: 3rd July, 2020

RESOURCE PERSON: Advocate Amrita Jain (CS), Associate at Singhania & Co. LLP, Partner at Law Internships

BREIF: It was an Interactive and Interesting Session on Importance of Internships for Law Students. As a student of law, one needs to gain practical knowledge and exposure and to gain experience Internships Plays a very crucial role. Internships can make you learn different things in a different way which will improve your learning and implementing ability. It has provided students with elaborative information on the significance of internship in career building process, to seek better placements, and to improve in the profession of law.

WEBINAR ON: “Fallout of Order dated 12.06.2020, passed by Supreme Court in respect of Government of India guidelines.”

DATE: 4th July, 2020

RESOURCE PERSON: Advocate Girish Patwardhan

BREIF: The Resource Person has discussed about the order of Supreme Court dated 12.06.2020 in reference with Government of India Guidelines. The case was extensively discussed, adding to the critical learning of the students, giving them an exposure to think and enhance the legal view point and aptitude.

WEBINAR ON: “Decoding Union Budget 2021”

DATE: 16th Feb, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Umang Ratnani (CEO, Digital Millionaires)

BREIF: The interactive session has provided students with an extensive discussion on Union Budget 2021. Each aspect has been covered beginning from Health care and Wellness, Growth and Investments to Balancing the Books and Taxes, etc. Approaches and method of Country’s Growth has been discussed such as ‘an environment of low-interest rates and friendly policies will go a long way in attracting foreign and domestic private capital expenditure. The sooner this cycle starts, the faster will the country grow.’ Overall, the budget has mass appeal and was created with much care to get the country back on track.

WEBINAR ON: “Basics of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016”

DATE: 30th April, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Rohit Dubey (Advocate, Turnaround & Restructuring Professional, Company Secretary)

BREIF: The resource person had explained the basics of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. The significance of this uniform law has been elaborated which seeks to consolidate the existing framework (SARFAESI Act 2002; SICA1985; DRT1993, etc.) by creating a single law for insolvency and bankruptcy as a summation of all existing acts.

WEBINAR ON: “Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC 2016) with reference to CRIP, Initiation and Implication of Liquidation and Clean Slate Theory”.

DATE: 15th May, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: “Mr. Amir Bavani” (Principal Associate at Dhir &Dhir Associates, Hyderabad)

BREIF: This session has provided Information on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code specifically in relation to CRIP, Initiation and Implication of Liquidation and Clean Slate Theory. The basic concepts of corporate debtor, his default in making payment and several ways to recover the same have been extensively elaborated. It has explained about the Implications of Liquidation and The “clean slate theory” with suitable instances such as clean slate theory which is also evident from section 32A in the Code and which was inserted through the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Act, 2020 and provided that once a resolution plan is approved, a corporate debtor cannot be made liable for any offence committed prior to the commencement of CIRP.

WEBINAR ON: “Role of NGO & POLICE in Crime Prevention.”

DATE: 25th May, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Dr. Prashant Choubey (ASP, Indore West Zone III)

BREIF: The resource person has provided us with the most effective process in preventing and suppressing crime and this process is creating an appropriate environment for public participation where non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an important role and the realization of this participation requires open access to information and education to general public.

WEBINAR ON: “How to Get a Start-up Internship”

DATE: 2nd June, 2021


“Mr. Anas Khan”

(Branding Expert, Scool)

“Mr. Deepak Shapeti”

(Serial Entreprenuer)

“Mr. Athar Ali Nagpurwala”

(Founder Scool& Chai Kaapi)

“Mr. Masoom Suchdeo”

(Operations Guru, Scool)

BREIF: Many Tips and learning were given by all the orators regarding the start-ups internship. The start-ups are a great place to gain experience and insight how companies are build and how do they become successful. When interning at a start-ups you undergo a rigorous amount of training as compared to that of a big organization. Altogether the session has provided our students information about startup internships and its advantages and training programmes.

WEBINAR ON: “Pay off Nature’s Debt”

DATE: 6th June, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Prateek Maheshwari (Associate Professor, IIFM Bhopal & under Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate change)

BREIF: It was a very enlightening session. The Resource Person communicated about the Environmental degradation and the effective safety measures to protect the environment. The session has explained our students, the contribution they can make for the Clean Environment. Students had taken a pledge with the Resource Person in order to keep environment clean and safe and to protect its degradation to the optimal level possible.

WEBINAR ON: “Session on ‘Article 14 and other Amazing Facts.”

DATE:11th June, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Sunaina Tripathi (LLM Gold Medalist, Law Professor)

BREIF: The resource person has elaborated Article 14 i.e. Right to Equality and has provided students an overview about the role of NGOs in facilitating people with their fundamental right of equality such as by providing Equal Assistance to every needy person out there. In addition, the session has explained some Constitutional Facts regarding Article 14 and some other Articles and discussed some relatable Case Laws.

WEBINAR ON: “Gear up Life”

DATE:15th June, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Jasmeet Singh Bhatia (Story Teller, Trainer Anant Aman Welfare Society

BREIF: A very knowledgeable and life learning Session was conducted by Mr. Jasmeet Singh Bhatia. He is a story teller and has published a book of his own. In the Session, the Resource Person has interacted with the students and motivated them to live life in a productive way and provided them with some effective solutions on how one can Gear Up one's own life. Sir has suggested various measures to keep a mental wellbeing and to be focussed in lives.

WEBINAR ON: “NGO Governance”

DATE:17th June, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Hemant Gupta (Founder & President, Anant Aman Welfare Society

BREIF: The session has given a great exposure towards NGO establishments and its governance. The resource person has explained the students about the complete procedure needed for the formation of an NGO. Sir has explained various key factor to run and establish an NGO such as ‘keeping patience is the biggest task which a person should know who is initiating to form an NGO.’ Altogether the session was a complete elaboration of NGO registration, its formation and its functioning.


Topic-: “Primary Duty to Protect the Health of Indian Citizen Should Reply on Centre.”

Date of Event-: 18th June, 2021 – 20th June, 2021

Chief Guests were:

WEBINAR ON: “Status of Tribes and Tribal Rights in India.”

DATE: 3rd July, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Shashank Singh (In charge Think India, Delhi)

BREIF: The webinar was very fruitful. Many new knowledgeable things were taught regarding Tribal Rights. He further elaborated the Current situations of Tribal People and their Constitutional Rights. Rights including community tenures of habitat and habitation for primitive tribal groups and pre-agriculture communities; Rights in or over disputed lands under any nomenclature in any State where claims are disputed; Rights for conversion of Pattas or leases or grants issued by any local council or any State Govt.

WEBINAR ON: “What it takes to Excel in Corporate Law Career”

DATE: 8th July, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Adv. Bhumesh Verma (Managing Partner Corp Comm Legal, Delhi)

BREIF: It was an interactive Session. The resource person explained the students about the skills one should have to master the corporate career. The session has provided the essentials to become a successful corporate lawyer, such as a student must possess strong interpersonal communication skills, quantitative and qualitative abilities, business awareness, a responsible attitude, effective analytical and problem-solving skills, researching skills and an ability to stick to client confidentiality.

WEBINAR ON: “Importance of Contract”

DATE: 9th July, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Ranbir Singh Sharan, Advocate

BREIF The Resource Person has enlightened our students with the brief about contracts, its utilization in a corporate world, and elaborated about the basics of contracts. The significance of contracts and Contract Law in the corporate world has been explained. It’s importance in maintaining business relationship and scope of the work.

WEBINAR ON: “Gender Disparity in Criminal Justice”

DATE:10th July, 2021

RESOURCE PERSON: Adv. Mansi Bhushan (Legal Practitioner, Delhi High Court)

BREIF: The Session has explained about the gender disparity occurring in the criminal justice mechanism, such as marital rapes are still not an established crime in India. the resource Person has provided a brief about The Criminal Justice system and the Gender Disparity occurring, violating the very fundamental rights of the people.