Pursuing Law from Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore

An interdisciplinary subject like Law combines many elements of History, Philosophy, English, and Politics. Proficiency in the legal domain not only enhances student’s critical reading and writing skills but also trains them to question the status quo. Treading on this path, the Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore (PIMR) has made it its mission to provide quality legal education to every student interested in Law. The first law college in Asia was the Government Law College, Mumbai, established in 1855, and since then many colleges worth naming have come up in different regions of India. In the Central Indian region, the Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, bags the claim of one of the best colleges for Law students.

Legal Education in India:

The skills a student acquires while studying law are- asking critical questions, framing comprehensive answers and improving one’s communication styles, etc. This helps the student in expanding its scope in the legal field. These skills are also helpful in international organizations, social work, private fields, and beyond. Legal Education serves as a critical function in the working of an organization, region, or state, as it aids in facilitating the settlement of disputes by the procedure established by law in a peaceful manner. For the efficient democratic functioning of a country, quality education is the sine qua non. Graduation in law ranges from classic LLB to new integrated courses specializing in both law and a second subject, like BBA+LLB, B.Com.+LLB, B.A.+LLB, and LL.M.

What is B.B.A. LL.B (Hons.)?

The term stands for Bachelor in Business Administration and Law Honors. It is an integrated undergraduate course that specializes in Business Administration and Law. It is the study of both business management and law subjects. It garners a huge scope as both management and law go side by side and there exists a highly logical relation between them. The course extends for 5 years and comprises 10 semesters.

What is B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)?

B.A. LL.B. is an integrated degree offering a Bachelor’s in Arts as well as law. Graduates can move into the field of litigation, judiciary, Indian Defence Services, clerkship, legal officers in private and public sector enterprises. Specifically, the pursuant gets an opportunity to explore the possibilities in building a career in the area of active consultancies to social and political organizations. The course extends for 5 years and comprises of 10 semesters.

B.Com. LL.B (Hons.):

B.Com.LL.B (Hons.) is an undergraduate professional integrated course that is a combination of the study of Law, Finance and Commerce. Graduates can enter any field related to commerce, accounting, and law.

LLB (Hons.):

It is a 3-year course of law taken after graduation in any specific field. The study of LLB will equip students with the ability to deal with challenging issues, understanding human logic, and analyzing real-life cases along with logical clarity and a good grip over oral/ written communication.

Future scope of Law degrees in India

As the course is the culmination of Law, Commerce, Arts, and Management, students can venture both into private as well as public enterprises. Also, at a time when new startups are booming every day, a person aware of legal formalities can bring innovation, analyze risk factors, perform customer value proposition, and offer advice, and monetize financial opportunities.
Scope of law degree in India is:

  • Business houses
  • Banks
  • Tax Consultancy
  • In-House Consultant
  • Revenue Departments
  • Judiciary Department and Courts
  • Sales Tax and Excise departments
  • Human Resource Manager
  • District Judge
  • Business Consultant
  • Law Reporter
  • Finance Manager
  • Advocate
  • Notary
  • Management Accountant

Why study Law at all?

Law is not just for lawyers as it affects the whole fabric of the law and order of a nation- from the protection of life and liberty to corporate or international relations, the law is required almost everywhere, and the one who has studied it properly can become a sought after person in any field. Here is a quick look at the benefits of studying law:

  • Many career options:

  • Law graduates are desirable candidates in many fields such as media, academia, commerce, and industry, social work, and more. It can take you anywhere.

  • Job security:

  • Studying law is more of gaining expertise in a field that is always in demand. This professional qualification allows you to enjoy more job opportunities and a chance to fall back in case you don’t like your niche.

  • Learn critical thinking, strong reasoning, and analytical skills:

  • The knowledge and skills gained from studying law facilitate students to analyze both sides of complex situations or problems and devise the best solution based on rational thinking.

  • The power to make a difference:

  • One with a strong sense of justice and a wish to improve the world, can dive into this field and ultimately work for causes essential to make the world a better place.

  • Awareness of rights and responsibilities:

  • Being aware of rights and responsibilities allows you to become the best that you can be as a fellow human in society and in the workplace.

Why Law from Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research Indore?

Department of Law of Prestige Institute is one of the departments of the Prestige Institute of Management & Research, Indore. It is one of the premium law schools in Central India. It is affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Indore, and approved by the Bar Council of India and is known for its quality legal education in Central India. It is a thrice accredited Grade ‘A’ institute and recently Graded ‘A++’ by NAAC. Students from Pan India study in this prestigious institute.

One of the unique features of the Department of Law, PIMR is the Autonomous status. Being autonomous college has a certain edge and privileges over other law schools. As an autonomous institute, the department is able to conduct timely examinations. Students are able to complete their course in a fixed duration. Another advantage is with regard to the syllabus. Being autonomous, the syllabus is regularly updated and is at par with other National Law Universities. Unlike non-autonomous institute, the latest laws/ amendments are being taught in the Department of Law as it has the privilege of amending its own syllabus as per the need.

It also offers a world-class infrastructure including a library which is well-stocked with thousands of books related to every legal subject, academic and reporting journals, and other reference materials. With the emphasis on compulsory attendance and continuous evaluation of the students, they not only learn law but rather engage in complex questions of analysis and interpretation. The department focuses on encouraging students to hone their skills through extracurricular and co-curricular activities such as Legal Aid, personality development program, debate competitions, MUN, literary, sports and cultural fest etc. Conduction of such activities, at regular interval, by the Department hones the oratory skills and encourages the students to have a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge.

At the Department of Law, PIMR guest lectures, extramural lectures are an integral part of the curriculum. Corporate heads from the field of law and academia, alumni at different organizations, successful lawyers and judges are welcomed to share their valuable insights from their rich experience about contemporary legal issues, challenges, and their way of dealing with them. These interactions help students in understanding the theoretical as well as practical perspectives from the experienced players in the field of law and associate those problems in different other dimensions to handle modern challenges. For members of PIMR, several programs are initiated that could serve as a ladder of their further understanding of the dynamics of the law in different sectors. Numerous Faculty Development Programs are organized by the Department of Law, PIMR for its faculty members to learn and enhance their skills and concepts regarding the legal field.

The campus also has the facility to access numerous online legal databases. LCD Projectors and other required IT tools are kept for use in the classrooms while a spacious auditorium serves the need for various seminars, conferences, and other related events. The Department of Law, PIMR also has a well-equipped, fully air-conditioned moot court hall to help students brush up their argumentative skills. There is a heavy emphasis on students participating in the Moot court competitions, and writing research papers. Statistically speaking, about two research papers are published every week by the academicians of the Department of Law, PIMR.

The law department is focused on producing litigation specialists, corporate lawyers, mediation & arbitration experts, and policymakers, researchers, etc. Department of Law, PIMR has one of the best faculties who not only have experience academically but also have served their time inside the courts, learning the intricacies of the law. The college also recently launched its first online law journal, which could be accessed by anyone in the world.

Highlights of Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore:

  • It is the highest-ranked Autonomous Law Institute in Central India,
  • Have been awarded the “Indian Leadership Award” by Worldwide Achievers in 2021
  • Excellent infrastructure, smart classrooms, seminar halls, and modern moot court hall,
  • Constantly updated curriculum,
  • Innovative teaching pedagogies,
  • Well equipped ICT enabled library with books, reporting journals, and other reference materials,
  • Internship opportunity at reputed law firms in India and abroad,
  • Distinguished visitors for Expert Law Lectures on a regular basis,
  • Good placement opportunities for all students
  • Best of teaching faculty members with the majority of them being NLUs alumni
  • Extracurricular activities and Personality development,
  • Focus on improving students communication skills
  • Compulsory professional training for moot court and trial advocacy,
  • Timely examination
  • MoUs with various national/international institutes and law firms
  • Compulsory Diploma Programme throughout 5 years
  • Career Guidance Cell
  • Scholarships to deserving students
  • Optional Study tours and
  • Educational sites Visit by the students.

With these myriad opportunities provided to ace in the field of law, Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore becomes one of the most sought-after names to get your law degree from.

S.No. Course Title Seats
1. B.A.LL.B (HONS.) Five (5) Years integrated Programme 120
2. B.B.A.LL.B.(HONS.) Five (5) Years integrated Programme 120
3. B.COM. LL.B (HONS.) Five Years (5) integrated Programme 120
4. LL.B. (HONS.) Three (3) Years Programme 120
5. LL.M. Two (2) Years Programme 60
Candidates should have obtained Higher Secondary School/ Intermediate (10+2) or its equivalent certificate from a recognized Board with not less than 45% marks in aggregate (40% in case of SC and ST candidates
Fee Structure
Rs. 60,000/- Per Semester