Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore

'Debate Competition - Mark Con' - Marketing Club'

An activity under 'Samvedna: The Social Sensitivity Initiative Project'

Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore organized the - Debate competition: Mark-con-Marketing Club on November 26, 2022. In this event with valuable exchange of thoughts and insights participants and the audience were engaged and learnt a lot.

Mark-Con, Raise the bar. It was a debate competition where participants were free to keep their opinions on table in CH, undergraduate campus.

The theme of the debate was kept in line with the attacks of 26/11 which left our country shattered. Terrorism still exists globally and is a major problem, which led to today’s debate topic social media is directly contributing to global terrorism.
Excitement shown by the students. Four teams of students participated, half of the students in favour of the topic and others in against of it. Both of the sides defended their statements wonderfully.

Activity Manual
Respected Director, Dr. S. Raman Iyer shared his views on the global cause.
Judges, Winners, Organiser
The competition was judged by Prof.Kunj Ahuja, Dr. AmritaBaid More & Dr.Chitra Joshi. The positions of runner up were bagged by Miss Yashika and the winner of the competition was Somendra Singh Sikarwar. They set a new bar for upcoming competitions. The event was conducted by the presidents, Priyan & Shreya and was guided by faculty coordinator Dr.Nidhi Sharma.